José Pizarro

Authentic Spanish flavour and style


José Pizarro is a Spanish chef living and working in London for over 15 years at some of London’s most recognised Spanish restaurants. In 2011 he opened his first restaurant ‘José’ on Bermondsey street followed shortly after by ‘Pizarro’ just down the road. In April 2015 he opened his third location in The City, ‘José Pizarro Broadgate‘.

As well as writing books, José has appeared numerous times on various television cookery shows and is no stranger to winning awards – too many to mention here.

We were asked to consolidate, redesign and develop José’s various sites into one touch-point that had the flexibility to cover his existing three restaurants and any future additions to the family. Rolling three websites into one meant time and careful consideration was taken to ensure the content was arranged logically. Each restaurant needed to feel distinct yet still part of the José family.

The user was always first and foremost when we began building our first prototype which allowed us to make sure that the site functioned correctly before we started with the design process. It was critical that users could easily access the most important content for each restaurant – location, opening times and menu – but also learn about José, see recipes and read news. The site needed to perform equally well for those wanting to dine as for users wanting to learn.


It was equally important that all the content throughout the site be easily updated by the José team, so careful consideration was taken to ensure that everything from the restaurant menus, a new recipe or even a new book can be quickly and simply updated through the Content Management System.

Forward planning was also a consideration and the design is flexible enough to allow for more restaurants and even the ability to sell books and products later down the line.

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