Natural History Museum Alive

With Sir David Attenborough


When Colossus Productions asked us to help them put together an app to go alongside the film they were shooting with David Attenborough and the Natural History Museum, we were excited to say the least. On learning that the film would see David exploring the museum after dark, it wasn’t difficult to start thinking about interesting ways to enhance the story they were telling and create something engaging with the app format.

NHM Alive lets users join David Attenborough and explore some of the Natural History Museum’s most fascinating extinct creatures. Moving from exhibit to exhibit in Day mode or setting off on a virtual torch lit safari in Night mode you get to see some of these amazing creatures come alive. Visitors to the museum will also be able to unlock additional video clips using the codes found throughout the museum.

Taking the incredible ground-breaking CG imagery commissioned by Colossus and the content gathered by the various researchers and scientists involved in the film, we set about designing and developing the app. After setting the look and feel we started working on the sound design, keen that the two halves of the app – day and night – felt different and that there was an ambience and atmosphere surrounding the exhibits as they came to life.

The wonderful logo and branding you see on the app icon and throughout the whole franchise was created by The Bear.

The result we think is a treat for anybody with an interest in natural history and of course, having Sir David Attenborough as your guide through the app makes it really special.

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